Who Killed Belinda Peisley? Uncovered

Six themed programs produced for iView relating to the 57-minute program 'Who Killed Belinda Peisley?'. Episode 1 - Fear and Memory. Time passing and drug use clearly impact on the memories of witnesses but just as clearly so does a sense of menace in the courtroom. Episode 2 - Small Town Secrets. Hearsay and rumour obscures the truth at the inquest into the disappearance of Belinda Peisley and dark and isolated Katoomba keeps her secrets. Episode 3 - Belle. She inherited money but mental health issues caused by absent father and bipolar mother saw the animal loving attractive teenager Belinda become a drug addict. Episode 4 - Ripple Effect. No body, no grieving, no funeral. Belinda Peisley’s family still suffers today. The Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit helps families process their pain. Episode 5 - The Inquest. The inquest into Belinda’s disappearance focuses on three persons of interest that raise suspicions sufficient for the Coroner to refer the case to Unsolved Homicide Unit. Episode 6 - Finding The Missing. Belinda Peisley is one of Australia’s 2600 missing long term persons that the AFP forensic unit use age progressing techniques to try and find.

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6 x 10 mins
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