What's Your Poison - Quantum

This five part series explains the mechanisms through which these drugs have their effect, and in doing so illuminates some aspect of the workings of the human body. The science and the medicine is placed in context of the fascinating social history that surrounds the different drugs in question.
Why nicotine is addictive, and how the nicotine molecule can be genetically manipulated.
Opium through to Prozac - we can now mimic the brain's natural pain killers. Creative, new and powerful drugs can actually change our behaviour.
The effect of marijuana on the cells of the body - and the well kept secret that it can actually do you good.
Most of us drink a glass or two every so often. For some it's beneficial, for others destructive.
The accepted stimulant may be more damaging than marijuana.

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5 x 30 mins
Series Episode
Standard $385
Schools $275

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