Villers-Bretonneux Memorial Service (2008-present)

The Anzac Day Dawn Service broadcast from the Australian National Memorial, Villers-Bretonneux. Like many villages in the area, the Great War reduced Villers-Bretonneux to little more than rubble and marked a moment in history when a special link was forged between that corner of France and the land down under. Villers-Bretonneux is where Australian diggers had one their greatest World War I victories, but it came at a huge cost for Australia, as 1200 died saving the village.

Each year, a small Anzac Day ceremony is held at the memorial to mark the sacrifice made by the diggers. Those who campaigned for many years for a dawn service at Villers-Bretonneux finally had their dream realised in 2008 on the 90th anniversary of the battle. Thousands of people attend this service, including many from the town itself. For them, the long distance to Australia will always be bridged by the blood of Australia's sons given to secure French freedom. A DVD of each service from 2008 to the current broadcast, is available to purchase.


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