Vietnam Peace, The

Looks at Vietnam during the years of peace since 1975. It is about a country about to embrace the West after 18 years of communist isolation
Pearl Of The Orient
Vietnam is a land of gentle people of 'smiles with a thousand meaning', of contradictions; a communist country with an emerging market economy, where exports are booming but health services and education have collapsed. The fresh challenge for the Vietnamese is to rebuild their country without losing the virtues of their culture, to make Vietnam once again the Pearl of the orient.
The Returned Sword
Once the communist propaganda suggested that wartime violence would be soothed by victory and reunification. The truth is more complex. The military experience lingers beneath the surface of Vietnamese life and the deep wounds of civil war have not healed. Families seek the bones of sons and husbands who are among the 300,000 Vietnamese still 'missing in action'. The Returned Sword looks at the consequent social and psychological impact of war trauma in Vietnam, and the scarring of a generation.
During Tet, Vietnam's most important traditional festival, people symbolically cast off the old and welcome the new, reaffirming the values of family and culture. Vietnam is preparing to embrace a future of rapid social change and development, of foreign wealth, joint ventures - a future which threatens to suffocate ancient cultural virtues and challenge a hard won independence. The sudden influx of new money has bought corruption and social dislocation, and brazen wealth sits alongside poverty. Can the Vietnamese embrace capitalism and still manage their own destiny?

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3 x 50 mins
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