Four part documentary series exploring the issues and experiences that effect most tertiary students - financial woes, love, study and pressures and expectations, sex, politics, late nights and alcohol. We meet Charles and Andrew.
Ep 1 - If It's Not Outrageous It's Not Worth Doing
"I'm amazed anyone can be still interested in themselves after 20 years", says Anna of Charles. Charles, the self appointed director of this year's Arts Faculty Revue has ambitious plans for a national tour, which include a CD and a TV pilot. Will Anna "do most of the work" in their budding relationship? How can Andrew possibly win the lucrative Wentworth Essay Prize, with just 24 hours to write an entry?
Ep 2 - Too Close To Call
Cal fights to stay at uni, working 30 hours a week to pay the rent and falls dangerously behind with her course work. When her computer gets stolen with all her notes she decides its time to quit. Charles has a daring new plan to wrest control of the Student Council from the Far Left, but is his friend Sholto really presidential material?
Ep 3 - It's Not That I Don't Love You
Cal's boyfriends always dump her after 3 months, with the same predictable excuses. Charles and Andrew's love life is similarly dismal. Charles can't understand why women don't realise what a catch he is, while Andrew pours out his feelings in his songs. At a time in your life when every day is meant to be a wild party, things can get pretty lonely and confusing for those looking for love.
Ep 4 - Touch And Go
It's crunch time - end of year exams. If she fails, Cal's going to give up uni once and for all. Academic staff are refusing to mark the exams unless they get a pay rise, but how can the new Vice Chancellor offer them more when his budget has just been cut? At a time of great political unrest the Prime Minister decides to visit his old uni. And with Andrew's mood darkening every day, what are his chances of ever finishing this thesis?

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4 x 30 mins
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