Underhand Tactics

Tax Havens
In association with BBC Panorama, we investigate the world of tax havens and show how some of the world’s most famous companies are using a tax haven at the heart of Europe to save millions in tax. Secret documents reveals how companies like GlaxoSmithKline have been getting big tax breaks on billion pound transactions in the tiny country of Luxembourg.

More and more companies are turning to neuromarketing. This controversial practice involves studying consumers’ brains, analyzing how and why we respond to certain stimuli, in order to influence our decisions. It’s based on the idea that 90% of the decisions we make are taken at a subconscious level. If a brand can speak directly to our ‘gut instinct’, bypassing reason, they will sell more products.

High Frequency Trading
Most of us have never heard of high-frequency trading. Yet, many experts predict that the next financial crisis will be caused by this new practice, invented by Wall Street. Thousands of computers are interconnected, buying and selling thousands of market shares every micro-second, with no human control or regulation

Planned Obsolescence
Are companies like Apple and Samsung designing expensive electronic products, built to fail? Every year, shinier, slicker new models are released to encourage us to upgrade. But it’s not enough just to persuade consumers to buy more and more: they have to be forced to upgrade.

Disease Branding
To sell a cure, first you need to sell the disease. According to some research, pharmaceutical companies are medicalising normal conditions, like the menopause, promoting non-existent diseases, and transforming mild problems into serious conditions that need treatment.

Toxic Labels
In the past ten years, the price of clothes has fallen by 13%. But who has been paying the price? Can the ethical claims of the big brands be trusted?

'Green' Marketing
Big brands have suddenly become environmentally responsible. Or have they? At any rate, they are proudly showing off their newfound commitment in their ads and packaging.

Sugar Overload
Every year, the average person in France eats 34 kg of sugar - twice as much as 15 years ago. 80% of the sugar we consume is hidden in everyday foods, like ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals, yoghurts or ready meals. For the past decades, the sugar lobby has been on the offensive.

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Underhand Tactics
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