Two Years in Galapagos

Take two award-winning wildlife film-makers and one three year old daughter. Add 99 pieces of luggage and equipment. Mix together with a range of exotic animal species and stunning scenery. Then place them all together for Two Years in Galapagos.
David Parer, wife Liz Parer-Cook, and daughter Zoe, have come to the Galapagos to film the marine and land iguanas, the giant tortoises and many of the seabirds. They've been filming wildlife around the world for more than 30 years from the extremes of Antarctica to tropical Papua New Guinea and from Patagonia to Norway. But they've always had a dream to come to the Galapagos and make a film.
Two Years in Galapagos gives us an extraordinary insight into the work that is involved in producing natural history documentaries. Told by David and Liz in their own words, it takes us on some hair-raising adventures as we follow them trying to land a ton of equipment in big seas on Fernandina Island then trek 1,500m to the summit of the active volcano in search of land iguanas laying their eggs inside the crater.

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Production Year: 
51 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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