Trial by Fire

During the summer of 2002/3 south-east Australia was hit by the worst bushfire season for twenty years. An area the size of Scotland was burnt, five people died and over 500 homes were destroyed. We follow the Woodend Brigade volunteer brigades who played a vital role in containing what could easily have become an even greater disaster. With the fire season rapidly approaching they must train their new members, run raffles to raise money for fire fighting equipment and try to educate the new settlers from the city. We also see tensions between the fire-fighters who favour widespread fuel reductions burns and the 'greenies' from the city who are keen to preserve old growth forests. Trial by Fire provides an insight into the workings of Australia's volunteer fire fighting brigades. Ultimately the film studies how a community is shaped by this experience, and how such a situation as the potential to generate positive social outcomes by binding communities together. Bushfires not only serve as a common enemy but they remind us of who we are as Australians.

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Production Year: 
55 mins
Trial By Fire
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88
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