Armed with seven planes manned by some of the world's most experienced pilots, a ship, 250 scientists and researchers and the best gadgets money can buy, a daring and intrepid group tries to catch the 'perfect storm'. Thunderheads is a thrilling ride following them as they battle to better understand the role of thunderstorms in the climate change puzzle. They converge on Darwin, which is the lair of 'Hector', one of the largest thunderstorms on the planet. Scientists believe 'Hector' may hold the key to better understanding how thunderstorms affect global warming. Clouds are the sleeping giants of the climate change puzzle and as the Earth's battle with the sun heats up, they are our first line of defence. At the centre of cloud-production are thunderstorms, the clouds that make other clouds. How precisely do they do it, and are thunderstorms changing? The scientists are known as I.C.E. the 'International Cloud Experiment' and the pilots' concern is to survive their life-threatening experiment. In the heat of the tropical monsoon and in the shadow of a freak cyclone called 'Landphoon John', I.C.E. tries to avoid a meltdown.

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Production Year: 
53 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88
Home $88

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