Thrill and Fury: The Art of Tag

Episode 1 - Know Your Product  
If you live in an urban environment chances are you are surrounded by tags, but outside of the graffiti scene little is known of the origins, attraction or motivation behind this often persecuted form of self expression.

Episode 2 - Getting Up
Impact has always been important to graffiti writers. But as graffiti has grown in popularity standing out is harder than ever and this has heralded the rise of specialist writers who offer a fresh take on the tag.

Episode 3 - Destruction is Creation
For many observers tagging is nothing but vandalism. Can the impact of technology or the lens of history change our perception of the tag? Will tagging ever be appreciated in the same way as graffiti or street art?

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Production Year: 
3 x 10 mins
Thrill and Fury
Series Episode
Standard $165
Schools $110

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