Study English Series 2

Designed to help those preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test for entry into a College or University where English is the language of tuition, or for employment or immigration purposes.

Each episode is based on video interviews with native speakers of English on topics with relevance to IELTS. The video footage is drawn from science, education and current affairs television programs.

All key skills are addressed, including listening, reading, writing and speaking. The key feature of this series is its authentic English usage. All bite-sized episodes are independent of each other and can be viewed in any order.

Ep 1 - Eye Testing
In this episode, we talk about pronouns, homonyms and practise using suffixes.
Ep 2 - Ginseng
In this episode we look at different ways to use the word say, plus common collocations.
Ep 3 - Jarrah Forest
In this episode we will learn about words that describe spatial relationships or where things are in relation to one another.
Ep 4 - Clouds
In this episode we will find out all about paragraphs. Plus the words we use to describe weather.
Ep 5 - Virtual Doctor
In this episode we will look at linking words in spoken English. Plus the many uses of the word there.
Ep 6 - Lasers
In this episode we will practise structuring a description of how something works and work on vocabulary for describing colours.
Ep 7 - Mars
In this episode we are going to practise using the words some and any. We will also build up our vocabulary about space and astronomy.
Ep 8 - Archive
In this episode we will take a look at tenses. Particularly present perfect and simple past tenses.
Ep 9 - Whale Sharks
In this episode we will look at the use of contractions in spoken English. A contraction is a shortened form of a word.
Ep 10 - Durians
In this episode we will look at the how to use reflexive and demonstrative pronouns in written and spoken English.
Ep 11 - Mangroves
In this episode we will talk about the language of speculation and how to identify the future tense.
Ep 12 - Cane Toads
In this episode we will talk about expressing attitude and using the words so and such.
Ep 13 -Welding
In this episode we'll look at the use of word form groups such as noun, verb and preposition phrases.
Ep 14 - Termites
In this episode we will discuss tenses and different ways of making comparisons.
Ep 15 - Astronomer
In this episode we will talk about the IELTS Speaking and Reading tests.
Ep 16 - Glass Artist
In this episode we will discover how English users indicate negative meanings.
Ep 17 - Naturopathic Medicine
Practise your reading comprehension skills using this episode of Study English.
Ep 18 - Outback Tourism
In this episode we will practise using hyphens and also talk about showing contrast.
Ep 19 - Old Trees
In this episode we will look at the various functions of sentences in English.
Ep 20 - Zoos
In this episode we'll dicuss infinitive verbs and some common conversation markers.
Ep 21 - Health
The focus of this episode is the IELTS Listening Test. We'll discuss strategies for Ep 8 - Ep 22 - Phonics
In this episode we will look at using context to guess the meaning of unfamiliar words.
Ep 23 - Eco-systems
In this episode we will practise pronunciation and hear how pronunciation can change when linking consonants.
Ep 24 - New Training
In this episode we are going to talk about adverbs and words in English that have been borrowed from other languages.
Ep 25 - Academic Writing
In this episode we will give you some tips and strategies for answering Task 1 IELTS
Ep 26 - General Task Writing
In this episode we'll give you some tips about letter writing, one of the tasks in the IELTS General Training Writing test.

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