The Sounds of Aus (The Story of the Aussie Accent)

Presented by John Clarke. For the first time here is a documentary that looks at how and why we speak the way we do. The Australian accent is long regarded as the most significant identifier of our cultural DNA and is arguably the most Australian thing about us. With American-style coffee chains opening on every corner and more American content in our media than ever before, many fear that our entire culture is under threat. But is it? 'The Sounds of Aus' tells the story of the Australian accent: how it came about, how it has evolved over two hundred years of colonial and cultural history, and how it is today. The accent reveals much about our identity - as individuals, as communities, and as a nation - and has regularly been the battleground for conflicts over identity to play out. Presented with dry irony by raconteur John Clarke, 'The Sounds of Aus' debunks many common myths about the accent as we hear from a wide range of experts from dialect coach Victoria Mielewska, phonetician Dr Felicity Cox, Oxford Dictionary editor Bruce Moore, and historians Michael Cathcart and Joy Damousi, to actors, comedians, and media performers such as Rachel Griffiths, Bert Newton, Denise Scott, Santo Cilauro, Akmal Saleh, Max Gillies, Barry Crocker, and Mary-Anne Fahey, and film director Bruce Beresford.

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55 mins
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