Smarty Plants

This documentary explodes the myth that plants merely sit around and do nothing. Taking a light-hearted approach to serious science, this film explores the behaviour of plants across the world. Plants have been around for a long time – far longer than humans. They have served us in many important ways, providing us with food, shelter, clothing and life-saving medicine. Although we have counted and classified them, we know very little about them. This documentary takes a few cautious steps along the path towards rectifying such a lack of knowledge. From the stunning heights of Utah’s Great Basin Desert to the rainforests of Canada’s west coast, Professor JC Cahill from the University of Alberta reveals that plants are a lot more like animals than we ever imagined. The world he reveals is one where plants eavesdrop on each other, talk to their enemies and call in insect allies to fight them, recognise their relatives and even nurture their young. The programme features spectacular time-lapse photography and CGI along with new scientific discoveries as Cahill and his team of globetrotting experts cast a great deal of new light on a landscape pulsing with sex, movement, communication and social interaction, leading to the inevitable conclusion that plants must be a great deal smarter than we realise.

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53 mins
Smarty Plants
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