Sisters, Pearls and Mission Girls

"....Many of the stories that have emerged from this part of the world about the church and its missions over the past years have been shocking tales of abuse, exploitation and brutality. Which is just one of the reason's that David Batty's and Jeni McMahon's account of the nuns who founded Beagle Bay mission in the north of Western Australia in the early 1900's is a surprise and a relief........It's hard not to come away from this documentary with anything but admiration for these strong, spirited, dedicated women who made a home in the remote region and have been embraced by the community there."
The Sisters of St John of God contemplate their vocation as they face the end of their order and their life's work in the Kimberley.
In 1907, Mother Antonio O’Brien and nine young Sisters of St John of God set sail from Perth on a journey to the remote Kimberley coast, in the far north west of Australia. This epic story of Irish and Australian nuns is set against the rich and tragic history of the Kimberley region and the government policies of the day. Using rare archival material, re-enactments and contemporary anecdotes the shared experiences of the Aborigines and the Sisters create a compelling story of loss, determination and survival.
Curriculum links: Sisters Pearls and Mission Girls has relevance for studies of Australian history, Indigenous Studies and Religious Studies, at middle and senior secondary school.

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56 mins
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