Second Opinion - Sports Injuries

Ever pulled a hammy? Received a corky? Or popped a shoulder? Copped one too high or, god forbid, too low and been carried off the field?
Sports injuries can be an immediately crippling and a permanently debilitating reality for professionals and weekend warriors alike. This week, host Judy Tierney and her panel Sports Physician Dr David Humphries, osteopath Peter Leach and Japanese Yoga therapist Zoe Joyce discuss two of the most common afflictions and two very different approaches to treating them.
Paul T and Paul G not only share the same name but the same ongoing discomfort resulting from a sport related injury – lower back pain. Paul T injured his back playing rugby union and interestingly Paul G injured his while enjoying, of all things, a scuba dive. Both men have tried and received reasonable results from more traditional treatments but for the ongoing management of their conditions, they have turned to a very special form of holistic healing therapy, Japanese yoga.

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