Second Opinion - Smoking

Once the symbol of chic sophistication, and something that seemingly everyone did, smoking is one of modern societies’ major preventable causes of death. Accounting for 57 fatalities a day in Australia alone, smoking is also one of the hardest habits to kick. Many have tried and sadly many have failed.
Host Judy Tierney is joined by GP Sue McKenzie, naturopath Laura Cini and hypnotherapist Rob Davis in looking at two very different ways of helping individuals who are trying to give up smoking to not only achieve that goal but importantly upon doing so to not weaken and take the habit up again.
Growing up with a heavy smoking father, Jackie had always been anti-smoking. Her days as a singer spent in smoked filled bars and clubs and the associated lifestyle however saw her for whatever reason take the habit up. With a milestone birthday looming and having witnessed her father’s battle with a smoking related illness, Jackie resolves to quit the “cigs” and decides to visit a hypnotherapist. We join Jackie during her one-off session with Rob Davis and also follow her progress in the days and weeks following the therapy.

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