Second Opinion - Food Allergies

Ever had a severe reaction to something you ate? Peanuts and shellfish come to mind immediately but many foods that cause allergies can also be life threatening. Phyl Norris and Nikita Dub tell us how Naturopathy, Acupuncture and Homeopathy helped them with their food allergies. Alia Knight, Angela Baker and Dr Nick Cooling join Judy on the panel.
Phyl Norris makes a mean wheat free muffin so as not to trigger her allergy. 25 years ago Phyl had problems with digestion. She couldn’t leave the house. Some medications she took had horrendous side effects on her system. Phyl had no energy, was lethargic, suffered from depression, was irritable, and just had general debility. She loves her garden and likes bush walking but she has to think if she plans a day out how she will feel and if she will be able to go about her plans. Phyl went to see Alia Knight. Alia put Phyl on a new diet and she felt like a new person in just 2 weeks. The inflammation and swelling had gone from her joints and she could move more easily. It was a revelation for her.

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