Schools Spectacular

Featuring over 3500 of the state’s most talented singers, dancers and musicians, the Schools Spectacular is a brilliantly choreographed and costumed production on an epic scale. An annual and keenly anticipated event since 1984, the four shows in late November each year typically feature:
    - a 1400-voice choir
    - an 80 piece orchestra
    - over 1800 dancers
    - rock, jazz and brass bands
    - talented vocalists from ages 5 to 18
    - over 600 dedicated teachers and helpers
...all woven into a totally integrated seamless production.
Audiences gain an insight into the wealth of talent in public schools, and see the dedication, commitment and creativity of the teachers who nurture that talent.

In this full two and a half hour version, join 3600 talented singers, dancers and musicians aged 5 to 18 from NSW public schools as they take over Sydney's Entertainment Centre to present a school musical extravaganza of epic proportions.  Hosted by John Foreman and Kayne Tremills from ABC3, the 29th annual Schools Spectacular is an event not to be missed.
This year's theme 'Our Time' speaks directly from the heart of the young performers. It is their time to stand in the spotlight and shine. It is their time to make a difference, their time to showcase their passions and talent, and their time to develop into the future leaders that shape our nation.

The 2011 Schools Spectacular, in its 28th year, showcases 500 NSW public school students in a cleverly orchestrated and choreographed performance like no other. The theme, "Imagine", is sure to stretch audiences' minds and provide a truly spectacular experience.

This year's theme, "Colour My World", highlights the positive force in our lives that is the arts; the joy, excitement and strength that echoes through the vibrant colours which surround us and the difference they bring to our lives.

The world's largest youth variety extravaganza celebrates its 26th year, with more than 3,000 public school students aged 5 to 19 on display in a dazzling show of colour, movement and music inspired by Australian life. The 2009 theme is "Reaching Out", a concept that carries on the traditions and values that have been the legacy of the Spectacular and takes it that step beyond.

Viewers of the 2008 Schools Spectacular are treated to a very special guest appearance, when Rolf Harris, who was the host of the first ever Schools Spectacular in 1984, returns.

To express the pride and affection that the students and production staff alike have in this enduring production, this year's show is called 'MySpec'. The theme will reflect the special spirit of the Spectacular - the energy, enthusiasm and excitement of everyone involved, from dancers on the arena to the 'tunnel rats' behind the scenes who get hundreds of students on and off stage with precision timing.

The theme of this year's show,  "Shine", will take audiences on an exhilarating journey that depicts the very soul of Australia. A 1200-voice choir, an 80-piece orchestra, 1500 dancers, rock, jazz and brass bands and talented soloists from ages 5 to 18 are all woven into a totally integrated seamless production.

The theme, "The Face of Australia", is a journey into the Australian character and highlights the cultural diversity and broad spectrum of qualities that make Australia unique.

John Foreman, former Talent Development Project protégé is back from coaching the up and coming stars from Australian Idol to once again host the Schools Spectacular 2004

The theme for the 2001 performances is "Celebrate". The show "The Rising Stars" brings together schools from Bourke to Bondi, and Kingscliff to Kiama; combining energy and talent from the country to the city, showcasing up to 3,000 performers on stage at once. This spectacular production features the fabulous solo artists seen in the recent Rising Stars series.

Available as either 90 minutes edited version or 150 minutes full version

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