Salinity Update 2001

Following on from our extremely popular Salinity compilation in 1999, this update continues the debate about salinity and its devastating impact on the Australian environment.
7.30 REPORT - A SALTY PROBLEM broadcast 10 October 2000
The announcement of the Federal Government's $1.4 billion plan to fight salinity. Features interview and comments by Prime Minister Howard; Wendy Craik (National Farmers Federation); John Connor (AFC) adn John Williams (CSIRO).
STATELINE - KATANNING SALINITY broadcast 18 February 2000
This report looks at the WA town of Katanning whose residents have agreed to pay a levy to fund the fight against salinity.
SALINITY broadcast 31 March 2000
The Department of Primary Industries, Water and the Environment in Tasmania has appointed a Salinity Officer to the Coal River area near Richmond in an attempt to monitor and control the problem.
SALINITY PLAN broadcast 1 August 2000
Report on a new underground drainage system being taught to farmers, which is seen as a possible solution to the south-west of WA's salinity problem.
LANDLINE - SALINITY AUDIT broadcast 24 October 1999
Assesses the audit released by the Murray Darling Basin Commission, mapping the trends in salinity for the next 100 years which, for many living in the region, makes compelling and even frightening reading.
SALTY LEGUMES broadcast 12 March 2000
Farmers in Victoria's woll producing Western Districts believe they may have found a plant to beat a tough salinity problem: a south American legume called Melitotus Aba.
DRYLAND SALINITY broadcast 18 July 1999
Focuses on the salinity problems in south-western WA and the release of the Federal Government's second phase of its dryland salinity program.
SALT STRATEGIES broadcast 23 July 2000
Three different Kerang-based enterprises are tackling the problem of salinity head on, developing what could be commercially viable operations that actually restore agricultural land and water systems.

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