Salinity - Australia's Silent Menace

Salinity has been called the biggest environmental threat to Australia in the 21st century. This series looks at every state affected by salt and examines the threat of salinity, from its ancient origins to its impact on our land and its people today and in the future. A three part compile this three-part series is based on the acclaimed ABC documentary series, The Silent Flood narrated by David Wenham.

Ep 1 - Australia's Silent Menace Salinity is affecting Australia's food production, drinking water, roads and buildings. This episode explains what salinity is, how it occurs and what we are doing to fix the problem.

Ep 2 - Australia's Rural Menace Salinity is a major concern for Australia's food producers. It's making land and water unusable. This episode looks at damage caused by salinity and the country's leading scientists explain how it happened and what's being done to restore the balance.

Ep 3 - Australia's Urban Menace Many people think salinity is just a rural problem, but it's damaging homes,roads and playing fields in the city too. In this episode we meet people who are working to stop it. For Upper Primary and Lower Secondary Level Students - available as three-part compile only.

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45 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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