The Royals Down Under

The story of Australia’s nation-shaping and shifting relationship with the Royal Family during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Using a wealth of archive of royal visits to Australia, this series explores how the monarchy has withstood political, religious and cultural undertows to remain deeply infused into the psyche of Australians. But with the intermittent and sometimes raucous debates over an Australian republic, will it always be that way?

We open in 2011. In cities and towns across Australia, ballrooms, clubs and homes were host to festive gatherings to watch on widescreen televisions the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey. Many of the young female fans of the monarchy were costumed for the royal event in gowns and tiaras, and the young men attired in dress suits and British flag ties. The celebration was reminiscent of the romance of Charles and Diana’s wedding and many others during the reign of Elizabeth II, the Queen of Australia.

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2 x 57mins
Series Episode
Standard $330
Schools $280

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