Rough Justice

Documentary maker Simon Target gets up close and personal with some of the more surprising characters at the Bar as they grapple with real cases.
Ep 1 - Joining the Club
Like lambs to the slaughter, another group of young lawyers line up to become barristers at the Bar. They're entering a profession under siege from public scrutiny and with more and more people wanting to join the club, the Bar is struggling to maintain its tradition and character. Mature age student Sarah Laikind wants to be a barrister. After five years of her law degree she is preparing for the real experience of being in court. Along with 40 other students she has six short weeks at the Bar practice court to put all her training and theory into practice.
Ep Two - On Your Feet
After all the years of study, this is Sarah's first day in a real court with real cases. Under the watchful eye of her mentor Stephen Durley, an experienced criminal barrister, Sarah has only five minutes with each client to get to the bottom of their story and to assess how best to present the case. The first thing she learns is the ability to think on her feet and pick the relevant parts out of a story to present to the judge quickly. Sarah defends five clients in her first day and is astounded by how many cases are drug related.
Ep 3 - The Right Side of the Street
Each year the bar associations in Queensland and NSW appoint barristers to Senior Counsel (what was previously known as Queen's Counsel). We follow some anxious applicants through this process, including Brisbane barrister David Andrews.

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