Rewind - J Files

J Files: Yothu Yindi
While at their peak, Richard Kingsmill charts the international career of Yothu Yindi. The band has long been admired for inserting indigenous music into the charts and showcasing Aboriginal culture on the world stage.

J Files: Blondie
Richard Kingsmill details Blondie's peculiar road to success via a hair damaging incident in Australia.

J Files: Public Enemy
The Public Enemy J File shows how Chuck D and Flavor Flav proudly brought visceral pro-black messages to the cultural forefront, and while their career was not without scandal, it failed to cloud their innovation and success.

J Files: Kylie Minogue
Featuring interviews from the '80s and '90s with teen idol turned sex symbol, the Kylie Minogue J File tracks the star's multifaceted career up to her darker work with Nick Cave and her somewhat unsuccessful film roles.

J Files: INXS
INXS' innovation in music and international fame made the band one of Australia's biggest exports. See old interviews with Michael Hutchence and footage of the mammoth crowds that affirm the band's iconic status.

J Files: Prince
Richard Kingsmill tracks the career of the seminal artist Prince, from the '80s to the point when he was performing under the moniker of an unpronounceable symbol.

J Files: Nirvana
Watch Nirvana's rapid rise to fame and influence as Richard Kingsmill unpicks the story of how the Seattle band brought grunge to the world.

J Files: David Bowie
In 1997 Richard Kingsmill reflected on "the word's most successful chameleon" David Bowie, for the J Files, looking back at his ever-evolving identity from David Jones to Ziggy Stardust, movie star and all-time music great.

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