Reading Writing Roadshow

Reading Writing Roadshow is an educational series for adults with reading and writing difficulties. It is a magazine style program with drama, comedy and documentary elements. VOLUME 1 Formal Letters Aims to teach the audience how to write formal letters, and situations in which formal letters are appropriate. Food Labels Seeks to reach the audience of the important information available on food labels and things to look for when shopping for food. Danger Labels Seeks to inform the audience of the safety directions available on labels and pinpoints various dangerous outcomes which can be the result of ignored instructions. This episode covers food allergies and taking medication correctly. Job Applications Teaches the audience how to go about applying for a job, and what employers in various fields are looking for when seeking a potential employee. VOLUME 2 Maps Teaches the audience ways to use a street directory effectively, and how street directories are put together, as well as the information contained in them. Song Looks at how song can be useful learning tool and study aid. We interview a jingle writer who devises a song to help us learn the alphabet, and a TAFE teacher who recommends music as an aid when studying. Spelling Covers the problems associated with spelling words which are spelt differently than they sound and gives advice on how to choose a dictionary, as well as looking into the origins of some English words. School Notes And Children's Stories Teaches the audience techniques of learning to read to children, becoming involved in their education and dealing with paperwork from school. VOLUME 3 Timetables Teaches the audience how to use timetables for public transport and the meaning of various travel related signs. Poetry Teaches simple poetry writing techniques and reinforces the idea that anyone can express themselves by writing poetry. Paying Bills Deals with techniques for understanding information on bills, as well as understanding percentage discounts and choosing a suitable calculator. Personal Letters Aims to teach the audience how to write personal letters and the benefits of writing personal letters. VOLUME 4 Filling In Forms Covers techniques to make filling out a variety of forms easier. Workplace Accidents And Forms Looks at safety in the workplace and in the home. Key Words Teaches the audience how key words can be used as a tool to take telephone messages and as a method to identify important points in written material including newspapers. Instructions Teaches the audience the importance and simplicity of following instructions, teaching us the instruction on how to use an automatic teller machine, how to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation and the first lesson in hang-gliding. VOLUME 5 Sending Greetings Looks at how sending cards and postcards can be a rewarding way to stay in touch with friends and family. Newspapers Looks at the information available in newspapers, how local newspapers can do service for local issues, and how reporting varies across the spectrum of newspapers available. People Power Looks at how protest can be an effective means of bringing attention to issues in the community. This episode covers how Dubbo Goal was saved as a tourist attraction by a local historical society, and how Greenpeace became involved in a local incinerator protest. The Changing Workplace Looks at how the workplace is changing and how training programs are improving the opportunities for employees as well as improving efficiency for various organisations

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