Quantum - In Space No One Can Hear You P...

Dr Vaughn Clift, a medical doctor, is as far as he knows, the only Australian working for NASA. He laments the fact that Australia used to be heavily involved in the space program, and now has no part in it whatsoever.
Dr Clift would like to see Australians return to the space business, and claims that it doesn't have to be expensive, and the returns, both intellectually and economically, can be huge. He sites his own work as an example. He develops medical technology for astronauts, ways of monitoring their health while in space. The bizarre conditions up there are a great stimulus to creative solutions to very unusual problems.
Dr Clift shows us the sort of work he does, while taking the viewer on a guided tour around the Space Centre. We see the Space Shuttle Trainer, also the chamber where researchers are locked away for months to study recycling, and the famous "Vomit Comet", an aircraft which dives to simulate zero gravity.
Dr Vaughn is an amusing, sometimes hilarious, host, but is passionate about space. His own research is elegantly simple, and his dried blood technology is already earning NASA billions of dollars in "spin-offs" for the medical industry. A great inspiration to us all.

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