Quantum - Radioactivity

In a millisecond, on July 16, 1945, the evolution of the human species took a remarkable turn.
Part 1: A Deadly Dose
Half a century after the explosion of the world's first nuclear weapon, with X-rays and nuclear medicine, its clear that radioactivity is increasingly becoming a part of life. But the question remains .... just how much radioactivity can we really cope with? Scientists tell us that the survivors of Hiroshima and Chernobyl provide the only reliable source of data as to how much radioactivity constitutes a dangerous dose.
Part 2: A Healthy Dose
Radioactivity can be an agent of evil. It can also do a power of good. X-rays, sterilising and removing brain tumours...the simple fact is...as patients or practitioners, or workers in numerous walks of life, we're occasionally exposed to high doses of radioactivity. Scientists are telling us that radioactive exposure can be managed safely. In the grown-up twentieth century, radioactivity is to respected, but not rejected. Or is it?

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