Quantum - Horses to Humans

In September 1994, a Queensland horse trainer and most of his stable of race horses fell to a sudden and mysterious illness. Within several days - days of furious police investigations, poisoning theories and panic in the racing industry - the trainer and 14 of the horses were dead. Although no-one knew it yet, Vic Rail and his animals were the victims of a completely unknown virus. Australia's animal authorities were mobilised - Queensland's Primary Industries Department conducting the field investigation, and CSIRO's Animal Health Laboratories in Geelong testing samples from the dead horses.
The AAHL scientists quickly realised they were looking at a bug that science had never seen before. After ten days of frantic round-the-clock activity, they were able to identify it as a member of the morbillivirus family. They called it 'equine morbillivirus' - EMV.

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Production Year: 
28 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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