Police Training Academy

It takes 26 weeks of intense training to make a cop. Over six months Police Training Academy (PTA) follows the exhilarating highs and dramatic lows of 60 new recruits who are training in the new Police Academy in Joondalup, Perth. Not all the recruits will make it through to graduation, but for those who do, it's the start of a policing career somewhere in Western Australia - at 2.5 million square kilometres, the biggest policing jurisdiction in the world. Ep 1 - The Ties That Bind The students are divided into two squads, Red and Gold, where the first lesson for the new recruits is that they must stick together. While Gold Squad learn about riots, the members of Red Squad are taken to the shooting range to see how they cope when minds and bodies are fatigued. One of the recruits cracks under the pressure - in a real situation, it may have meant the loss of an innocent life. Ep 2 - Slings, Arrows and Outrageous Fortune Sean McCarron, the only Aboriginal in the course, has a unique incentive to be at the finishing line when graduation time comes, but he also has a slate to wipe clean. Seven years before, Sean had been a recruit of the Police Academy but was involved in an altercation with the Police and he resigned. This time he is giving it his best shot and at 31 years of age, it could be his last chance Ep 3 - Stress Factor Red Squad is attending the State Morgue and apart from witnessing a postmortem, they're also confronted with the reality of suicide. Dealing with death and traumatic experiences can cause immense stress, and the younger and less experienced Police Officers usually have more difficulty in coping. The Academy also has its own mock court, where the Magistrates are real (although retired) and the Defence Counsel will put the recruits through the wringer in order to test their skills in observation. Ep 4 - End Game With only a few weeks to go before graduation the recruits know that there are still lessons to be learnt. Police are trying to promote a new, fresher and more positive image. In the last days before graduation, Red and Gold Squads spend a lot of their time out on the parade ground practising for their graduation ceremony. Of the 60 students that started in the two squads, three have left for various reasons. The graduation ceremony is final recognition that they are recruits no longer and they now have the paper to prove it. After 26 weeks in the making, the Probationary Constables say farewell to the Academy and start their policing careers somewhere in Western Australia.

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4 x 27 mins
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