The Party of Reagan

The Party of Reagan is a documentary about the increasing conservatism of the Republican Party and what it could mean for the world's biggest economy. Once led by the iconic Ronald Reagan, the GOP is facing an uncertain future, even as it puts up a spirited fight for the White House against incumbent Democratic President, Barack Obama.
The party's shift to the right and the emergence of its Tea Party wing has contributed to the most partisan and least productive period in US political history as Republicans oppose President Obama's agenda and any suggestion of tax increases to deal with the nation's $16 trillion debt. As moderate Republicans are forced out of the Party, some now fear its conservative social and economic positions will prove to be too extreme for mainstream voters, threatening the party's viability, and even the American system of Government itself.
President Reagan's son says the Republican Party has shifted so far to the extreme right, Reagan himself couldn't get elected; "He'd be too liberal now," says Ron Reagan Jr. The Party of Reagan features senior members of the Reagan administration and some of the most powerful conservatives in Washington D.C today.
It also contains one of the last interviews given by the late Senator Arlen Specter, who quit the Republican Party to pass Barack Obama's stimulus measures and healthcare reforms, after finding his party had simply become too conservative.

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57 mins
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