Out of the Ashes

In February 2009 ferocious bushfires ravaged Victoria. Whole towns, 178 people, vast forests and millions of animals perished. This is the story of how the unique ecosystem of South Eastern Australia both promotes and recovers from fire.
Where there was once a vibrant forest now stands a blackened and silent wasteland. Over 12 months we document an amazing struggle, as nature (with a little human intervention) tries to regenerate. As if rising from the ashes, we observe the forest burst into life with new growth. The film reveals ingenious strategies of coping with fire. With the rebirth of the forests will creatures find the food and protection they need and gradually re-colonize the blackened landscape?
Some animals were rescued from the fires and the story of how they're cared for and eventually returned to the wild provides a heart-warming moment and an insight into how humans can help nature in the process of renewal.

This program is released for non theatrical use within educational, government and business organisations. Additional payments under a Screenrights licence are not required. Please contact us for Exhibition or Streaming Licences.

Production Year: 
53 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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