Numbers Count

A mathematics series developed by ABC Education TV for lower to middle primary school students.
Numbers Count focuses on numbers and numeracy and supports learning in Band B and Level 3 of the mathematics Curriculum Profile and Statements for Australian Schools. Each program consists of a series of segments depicting real world contexts in which mathematics is relevant, accessible and fun. A narrator is used to guide students through the segments and to invite them to actively participate in the program.
Volume 1
Episode 1 - Number Systems
This program focuses on our Hindu-Arabic number system, its origins and features such as place value, the use of zero and base ten.
Episode 2 - Number Sense
This program explores how a number can be looked at as different combinations of numbers (ie. twenty four can be seen as two twelves or twenty and four). We explore contexts where number sense is relevant and useful, and introduce odd, even, prime and composite numbers.
Episode 3 - Addition and Subtraction
This program explores mental strategies for addition and subtraction using two and three digit whole numbers in a variety of contexts.
Episode 4 - Division and Multiplication
This program uses whole numbers to explore the key concepts of multiplication and division including their inverse relationship.
Episode 5 - Common Fractions
This program explores the concept of common fractions using a variety of real life situations with an emphasis on halves, thirds and quarters.
Volume 2
Episode 6 - Decimal Fractions
This program looks at tenths to introduce the concept of decimal fractions. It uses contexts where students are encouraged to become involved in counting up and down by tenths and comparing decimal numbers.
Episode 7 - Chance
This program develops chance concepts by looking at events of equal and unequal chance. In particular, the program encourages students to consider factors which may influence outcomes in an event before making a prediction.
Episode 8 - Data
This program looks at collecting, organising, presenting and interpreting data. Emphasis is placed on the important role data plays in decision making and students are encouraged to be critical in their analysis of data.
Episode 9 - Money
This program explores the history and role of money in our society. We also show money being minted, compare money from around the world and present situations involving simple calculations.
Episode 10 - Time
The main emphasis in this program is telling time looking at minutes past the hour. Analogue and digital times are compared and we look at time lines, different time zones and real world uses of time such as timetables.
Age Level: Middle Primary

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10 x 15 mins
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