Nobody's Children

A series from a range of highly acclaimed documentaries by award-winning filmmaker - David Goldie. Ep 1 - No Place Like Home We look at the massive changes over the past 20 years which have shaken many kids loose from the families and onto the street. In that time divorce has trebled and along with it there have been disturbing increases in neglect, abuse and sexual offences against children. As home becomes a battlefield, up to 70,000 children have left to survive on the streets. It's a world in which crime, prostitution, drugs and poverty are almost unavoidable. Ep 2 - Making it Work Examines the plight of the 1/4 million unemployed young Australians. How can we help the half million undereducated and unskilled teenagers who have dropped out of school early to become a productive part of the new technological age. Many children feel that they are failing in a school system geared to the 1950's and are turning to drugs and crime to fill the void. If we fail to act many, many children will swell an underclass of rejects which is growing every day.

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Production Year: 
2 x 90 mins
Series Episode
Standard $220 $110
Schools $165 $88
Home $88

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