New Inventors, The - Water Special

It's impossible to ignore the fact that Australia is in the middle of a severe water crisis. So this episode of The New Inventors will dive into the world of water-saving to look at how Australian inventors are taking action to conserve this precious resource. We also re-visit previous water-saving inventions to see where they have ended up. Plus, we'll expose "The Water Diaries" kept by host James O'Loghlin and the panel to find out who is the most conservative when it comes to water usage.
James O'Loghlin and the Saving Water Special panellists kept "Water Diaries" for 1 week and on this program, we'll reveal who was the wisest water user. We'll also take a walk through a sustainable house in Sydney; look at an invention that uses condensation and kinetic energy to make water out of thin air; and we catch up with some previous inventors from the program to see how they've come along with their water-saving devices.
Judges: Sally Dominguez, Bernie Hobbs, Chris Russell
Featuring: SUSTAINABLE HOME DEMO - Michael Mobbs, WATERWALL - Mitch O'Sullivan, PERPETUAL WATER - John Grimes, MAX WATER - Max Whisson

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Production Year: 
26 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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