Nature of Australia - Episodes 1-6

Honoured with multiple film, documentary and nature awards including the 1991 Logie for Best Documentary feature, the series explores the diversity of Australia's landscapes, from the seas to the arid interior; the effects of the extremes of flood, drought and bushfire; and examines the impact of 200 years of European settlement on the land, its plants and animals.
Ep 1 - A Separate Creation
Traces the rise of the marsupials from their beginnings in the primeval forests of ancient Gondwana to their triumphant radiating as the dominant animals in Australia, culminating in the kangaroos.
Ep 2 - Seas Under Capricorn
Explores the seas that encircle Australia from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef. Looks at penguins, seals, soldier crabs, whale sharks, parrot fish, green turtles and many other marine creatures.
Ep 3 - The Making of the Bush
The story of how the wooded margins of Australia came to be dominated by one unique type of tree growing in a great variety of forms - the eucalypt. This episode is also the story of the birds, reptiles and other animals that live in and around the eucalypt forests including bower birds, snakes, koalas and tiny marsupials.
Ep 4 - The Sunburnt Country
Australia's arid heart and the wealth of life sustained by a hidden network of buried rivers, recharged by rare and heavy rain. It is the land of lizards, from giant goannas to the tiny and delicate Lake Eyre dragons; a land that explodes into amazing life after the rare rainfalls which turn it into a huge oasis, when Lake Eyre is transformed from a salt water desert into the breeding ground for stilts, ducks, seagulls and pelicans.
Ep 5 - Land of Flood and Fire
Australia's "Top end" where life is governed by the annual cycle of flood and drought. The program covers one year in the life of this spectacular region, to reveal how animals and plants cope with the stresses of life in a place which swings savagely between drenching floods and parched heat. It also shows how the seasons determine the pattern of life for the Aboriginal people.
Ep 6 - The End of Isolation
Two hundred years ago, a new force went to work on the Nature of Australia - a force unlike any it had felt before. The European invasion set Australia's plants and animals their greatest challenge yet - fashioned in the remote solitude of the remote island continent, they were now exposed to a new and alien regime. This final program in the series tells the story of that invasion, which sent change sweeping across the continent with unprecedented speed.

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