Naturally Australia

This series explores eight significant geographic features of the Australian landscape. The primary focus of each episode is the physical geography of the features, including their geological history. The programs also look at the interaction of people within these environments and issues relating to the care of these geographical and biologically significant places.
Volume 1
Ep 1 - The Great Australian Bight
This program looks at the evolution of this coastline and explores coastal features such as caves, blowholes and sand-dunes. It also shows the coast to be a harsh environment and looks at contemporary ways people overcome difficulties such as obtaining water.
Ep 2 - The Daintree
This program looks at how the Daintree survived the earth's climatic changes, the importance of the forest to the Ku Ku Yalangi Aboriginal people, it's resource and tourism values.
Ep 3 - The Great Barrier Reef
This program takes the viewer underwater to look at the living coral, to see how the reefs came into existence, and witness the amazing life the reefs support.
Ep 4 - Uluru
This program looks at the geological history of the rock and the traditional Aboriginal view of the rock's features as explained in creation stories, and then looks at the handing over of the rock to traditional owners.
Volume 2
Ep 5 - The Franklin River
In looking at the significance of the area, the program reveals evidence of early Aboriginal inhabitants uncovered in the river's limestone caves, and explores the plan to use the Franklin for hydro-electricity and the fight to prevent it being damaged
Ep 6 - The Simpson Desert
This program looks at how the desert's 1,100 dunes were formed. It also looks at other desert landscapes such as "Breakaway Country";, Gibber Plains and rivers, and explores how plants and animals have adapted to the desert.
Ep 7 - Lake Eyre
This program looks at the changing climatic conditions which led to the formation of the lake and at the geographical development of the lake and its water sources. We explore the lake's Aboriginal significance, look at white attempts to explore and settle the area, and current conservation issues.
Ep 8 - The Murray River
This program looks at how the river formed and at how it has changed both naturally and as a result of human use. We look at the different roles the river has played in both Aboriginal and European settlement and explore the impact of our heavy reliance on the Murray as a water source.

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