My Great Big Adventure - Series 2

Kayne Tremills is back for another exciting series of My Great Big Adventure and this time he’s bringing some friends along for the ride – Stephanie Bendixsen, Takaya Honda and Nancy Denis join the MGBA team!.

Together, they’re going to help him tackle some of the most pressing issues kids face today. During this season, the MGBA team delves into the following issues: girlfriend and boyfriends, school, divorce, self esteem, puberty, grief, social media, prejudice, failure and mental health.

Episode 1 - Boyfriends and Girlfriends How do you tell someone you like them? What if they don't like you back? And how do you prepare for your first kiss? It's sweaty palms all round as Kayne and the team enter the secret world of boyfriends and girlfriends.

Episode 2 - School Kayne, Stephanie, Nancy and Tayaka head back to school and look at the issues kids face, including fitting in, frenemies and homework. Plus, fitness guru Michelle Bridges chats to Kayne about bullying.

Episode 3 - Divorce In an emotionally charged episode, the MGBA team tackles divorce. Steph joins a family of actors pretending to go through a divorce while Kayne watches on with three young Australians who have all experienced it first-hand.

Episode 4 - Social Media Social media is an important part of our lives, so the MGBA gang is out to uncover the benefits of social media, as well as all of the pitfalls and hidden traps lurking on the net.

Episode 5 - Puberty The MGBA hosts are going through puberty all over again. Kayne and Steph face off in a series of puberty challenges, Nancy takes over Takaya's emotions, and they each share some of their most embarrassing puberty moments.

Episode 6 - Grief Kayne embarks on an emotional journey with a young girl struggling to cope with the loss of her grandmother. But tears turn to joy when a surprise guest arrives. It's a musical celebration that will tug on the heartstrings.

Episode 7 - Self-Esteem It's game on for the MGBA crew as they go head-to-head in a game of bubble soccer. Takaya creates some self-esteem armour, while Kayne catches up with the most confident dude he knows.

Episode 8 - Failure To face their fears, Nancy and Kayne have run away and joined the circus where a group of young performers share their important messages about failure. Meanwhile, Steph and Takaya run a Failure Boot Camp.

Episode 9 - Prejudice Kayne and Nancy are on a mission to spread the word that prejudice is just not cool. Meanwhile Takaya and Steph play a game of wheelchair rugby to challenge their own perceptions.

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9 x15 mins; 1 x 30 mins
My Great Big Adventure Series 2
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