My Great Big Adventure

Life is one epic adventure and in any Great Big Adventure there are fun bits and hard bits. The cool bits are a breeze, but what about the tough time? This series, aimed at lower to upper secondary student, tackles life's hard bits such as bullying, body image, family friction, identity, winning and losing, technology, friendship, disability, happiness and stress and provides the tools and knowledge for kids to deal with them.


Ep 1 - Bullying  Once upon a time bullying was obvious, a fight in the playground, name calling or teasing. But with the advent of mobile phone and internet there are all-new battle fields. We break it down, look at who does it, how and why, and highlight the tools needed to navigate this most demanding of challenges.


Ep 2 - Family Friction Unsurprisingly, family issues are the number one reason for the majority of calls at Kids Helpline - it's clearly one of the most significant issues affecting children today. With helpful solutions for fragile circumstances, we help kids to understand this friction, where the fault really lies, and how to cope in a fractured family situation.


Ep 3 - Tech Life It’s the Age of Technology, and kids are the masters of this era. It’s unavoidable, highly accessible, and potentially addictive. To help combat this issue, we show kids how a Techno-addict behaves, and how to break the cycle to re-enter the real world, instead of living a virtual (non)-existence.


Ep 4 - Friendship Frenemies. BFFs, Besties. Whatever you call them, what does it really mean to be a true friend? With young people pushing boundaries, entering new social territories and leaving the safety nets of their parents – friends become their new safety net. We help them make sure they know what a real friend is, what a real friend isn’t, and how to a good one in return.


Ep 5 - Stress Stress is infiltrating the existence of kids everywhere. A master of disguise, it camouflages itself in the major parts of their lives – academic expectations, social relationships, family issues and extra-curricular activities. We help them discover what stress actually is, how to recognise the difference positive and negative stress, and how to manage it to lighten and already hefty load.


Ep 6 - Winning and Losing The schoolyard is a competitive place for young people – in the classroom, on the sporting field, at social events – kids are continually comparing themselves to others and feeling they don’t measure up. But nobody is perfect, and we’re all good at different things. So instead of trying to emulate someone else, we encourage kids to explore their own skills and areas of expertise, and do what they enjoy. The perception of success is different for everyone, but we show them how to measure their success and potential against themselves and nobody else!


Ep 7 - Body Image Body image is how we view our bodies – and while children are being constantly bombarded with images and subliminal messages everyday about how we ‘should’ look, and what a ‘good’ body looks like – it’s no wonder they worry about their appearance. But since our body shapes are largely determined before we are even born thanks to genetics, that side of things is largely out of our control. But what we can control is how we take care of our bodies, how we respect ourselves and how we celebrate the uniqueness of our individuality.


Ep 8 - Disability While we know disability hinders people in certain ways, we can also celebrate the fact that it enhances them in others. Being disabled is not something to fear or shy away from – amazing potential is present in all of us, no matter what our capabilities! We help kids understand disability and what it means for people, and to discover the great achievements made by our community – both as individuals and as groups.


Ep 9 - Identity In a world where fitting in is paramount, it’s hard for kids to find themselves and express their individuality in a safe space. We tackle cultural identity, sexual identity, adoption, cliques, and belonging to help kids ask questions to discover who they really are, and who they really want to be.


Ep 10 - Happiness More and more kids are now experiencing higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress due to busier lifestyles and family dysfunction – so in these circumstances, along with the humdrum of everyday life, where can they find their joy? We show kids how to grow, create and develop strategies to identify what happiness mean to them, and how to apply it to their lives by creating an existence of happiness for themselves and others!

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My Great Big Adventure Series 1
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