The Money or the Gun

A follow-up to the earlier Andrew Denton series "Blah Blah Blah", using a late-night chat-show format, and featuring a particular topic for each episode, with comedy sketch segments, vox pop street interviews, songs and dances and special guests.

Selected episodes from the series are available on DVD

Imagine being stuck in one of the most isolated communities on Earth, in wind blasted ice and snow with no way home for a whole year. That's life for the people at Casey, one of Australia's Antarctic research stations. Andrew Denton takes us to Casey Station and meets the group of scientists who have wintered the last year there.

The Brain
Andrew Denton hits the streets to gain an insight into the human brain. Strapping on the Akubra of Truth and leaping into an ABC-issue pink Valiant convertible, Andrew and his trusty aide-de-camp, Stalin, set off on the ultimate road documentary. Their destination? The human brain - and madness. How do people stop their brains from shriveling into a tiny ball and dropping out of their nostrils?

Heroin - what it does to you and your body. But everyone has their own addiction, and this is discussed by such experts as Dr. Peter Steinheur.

The Topic of Cancer
Cancer - the world's only 6 letter 4 letter word. Daring to find humour where others see death, Andrew Denton and [The Money or The Gun] team pitches its tent in the middle of a workshop weekend for CANTEEN, a national support group for teenagers with cancer. There they discover the shocking truth about this most feared of diseases: that it is possible to have cancer and still lead a life. Issues such as chemotherapy, baldness, pain, treatment by peers and family and also experiences with the media are discussed.

The Year of the Patronising Bastard
Andrew Denton and [The Money or the Gun] team, through interviews and skits, look at the subject of disability. Not at the problems of stairs, kerbs and public transport, but rather about people who meet challenges. Their greatest handicap is the attitudes of those around them. Guests share their experiences with understanding and humour.

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Production Year: 
50 mins
Series Episode
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Schools $88
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