Miracles is a series of epic tales of survival. Each episode features a remarkable and intriguing story of one person’s fight against the elements, against time and their personal battle against death. The environments are extreme, with ‘mother nature’ at her most unforgiving. The stories have one universal thing in common; our protagonists survived in the exact same circumstances where others died. Their survival defies both logic and the boundaries of knowledge of medical science. Each story is told in a unique combination of actuality and reconstruction, using interviews from multiple perspectives with cutting edge CGI and narration.
Miracle in the Desert
Alaskan fireman Robert Bogucki (Don Hany) went missing in Western Australia’s Great Sandy Desert in July, 1999. Bogucki survived 43 days and was eventually found some 400km from his departure point by an Australian television news helicopter. He’d lost 30 kilograms, endured six weeks without food and 12 days without water but miraculously survived one of the world’s most inhospitable wildernesses.
Miracle in the Storm
While flying in an international paragliding competition, near the NSW rural town of Manilla, Ewa and two other pilots hit a powerful thunderstorm. All three immediately begin a rapid descent manoeuvre know as spiralling but the cloud suck is too strong and they just spiral in circles without descending. Pulled up at 20 metres per second, the rapid ascent causes Ewa to pass out as she goes from 2,500 metres to just under 10,000 metres in around five minutes. When she pops out at the top of the storm she just circles, in wide arcs, completely unconscious and in a hibernation-like state. Collapsing under the strain of so much ice the glider drops 3,000 metres, at over 200kph, before reopening and waking Ewa with the jolt. Freezing and weak, she navigates herself away from the storm and down to the ground.
Miracle in the Jungle
Forty-year-old Australian backpacker Hayden Adcock went missing in August 2008, during one of South-East Asia’s most deadly monsoon seasons. Lost in the Laotian jungle, at the mercy of the violent storms, his body became consumed by creeping infections, hypothermia and blood poisoning. But eleven days later, as a miraculous chain of events fell into place, Hayden (Paul Gleeson) was found barely alive, lying at the top of a waterfall. Using actual rescue footage never seen until now, exclusive interviews and high quality dramatic recreations Miracle In The Jungle is a compelling story of persistence in the face of death and where an amazing string of coincidences led to eventual rescue.

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