Message Stick - Ripples from Wave Hill Part 1 and 2

Ripples From Wave Hill is the definitive first-hand account of Australia's first successful land rights campaign as told by the Aboriginal people who fought for their land and the radicals who joined with them. On Australia's biggest cattle station, the Gurindji people of the Northern Territory took on one of England's richest aristocrats, the beef baron Lord Vestey.

Their 1966 strike became one of Australia's longest industrial disputes. Their rebellion gave rise to a national movement. A milestone in Australian history, the Wave Hill Walk-off is regarded by many as the beginning of the Indigenous land rights movement. Before the Wik or Mabo judgments, before ATSIC, there was the Gurindji uprising against Lord Vestey's cattle empire. Their pay and conditions were appalling; their women had been sexually abused; their land stolen.

The Gurindji stuck to their demands for over nine hard years and garnered support across Australia; from bricklayers to folk singers, from white university students to a new wave of young, urban Indigenous activists. These pioneering alliances carried the Gurindji message from the edge of the Tanami desert to the world. The Gurindji's victory was a pivotal event in Indigenous land rights - a transformative moment in Australian history which still resonates today.

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2 x 26 mins
Ripples from Wave Hill
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