Message Stick - Child Artists of Carrolup

In 1945, the Carrolup School of the south west of Western Australia was flourishing. A messianic school teacher, Noel White, had appeared and through his open minded attitude, he nurtured the gifts and talents of the school children.
Noel White with his wife Lily, introduced music and drawing. Their pupils confidence in their amazing gifts grew - the doodles became landscapes of the surrounding countryside - then as they wanted more time to develop their painting techniques the children asked if they could have evening lessons. The Whites were overjoyed at this positive response and so was born the Carrolup Child Artists.
Exhibitions followed locally and then eventually internationally mainly promoted by their patron Florence Rutter. The outcome was overwhelming praise and recognition. However, this proved too much for the Department of Native Affairs and after just six years Carrolup was closed, with some of the children moving to a mission near Bunbury whilst the older children left school altogether.
One of the positive aspects of Carrolup was that the imagination and creativity of the Child Artists, during those short years under the tutelage and encouragement of the White family, was able to flow unabated, free, cementing their traditions. It exposed them to other possibilities. It laid down the foundations of a movement that continues today.

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