Message Stick - Ankula Watjarira (Go Tell it on the Mountain)

In 1937, in the hills of the Musgrave Ranges, the Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions established Ernabella Mission - a small community in the remote far north of South Australia. It was settled on an important waterhole and camping place for the Yankuntjatjara people.
Shortly after, a school was opened and the local children taught to sing as a choir by the Superintendent Reverend Bill Edwards. The choir visited Adelaide in 1954 to see the Queen and sang at the opening of the John Flynn Church in Alice Springs in 1956. Sixty-four years later, with only a handful of its original members, the Ernabella Choir are joined by a younger generation of singers.
This story follows them as they travel to the Adelaide Festival. They sing as they originally did, blending Western hymns into Pitjantjatjara language. The Ernabella Choir has been a sanctuary where both men and women can participate together to produce a unique sound.

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Production Year: 
27 mins
Series Episode
Standard $88
Schools $66

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