Man Who Loves Frogs, The

The man who loves frogs is Mike Tyler, an Adelaide scientist. Frogs have fascinated him all his life, and he goes everywhere to find them: from the Northern Territory to the sand dunes of Shark Bay in Western Australia; from the tropical rainforests of Queensland to the hot springs of the Flinders Ranges.
The film follows him on his travels, and finds that there's more variety in Australian frog life than in the whole of North America and Europe put together. There are frogs that live in sand, frogs that breed babies in their stomachs and give birth through their mouth, and frogs that bury themselves in a bubble of water to outlive even the longest drought.
On every journey he makes Mike Tyler finds yet more species - and in his laboratory, some of them reveal features that could mean enormous health benefits for humans.

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Production Year: 
50 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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