Living Australia

An Australian Geography Education series aiming to provide both an historical and modern understanding of the Australian environment. Suitable for lower- middle secondary students.
Volume 1
Natural Hazards - Living With Natures Extremes
Examples of natural events, such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods and bushfires, as well as interviews with people living in hazard areas, are used to explore how and why Australian communities have been affected by natural hazards. The program also looks at the Aboriginal perspective on hazards.
Landforms; The Shape Of Australia
The Australia we know today is the result of millions of years of alterations to the physical environment. This program traces Australia's evolution as a continent and finds out just what some of our better known landforms mean to us.
Volume 2
A Case Study In Watercare - Murray/Darling Basin
This program aims to give students both a historical and contemporary understanding of the importance of water in Australia. It shows how outbreaks of blue-green algae have affected river communities in four states, discusses the problem of rising salinity in the Murray River and how this has affected the Chowilla flood plain - a wetland of international significance.
Burra - Survival Of A Country
The program looks at three stages - when Burra was set up in 1845 as Australia's first mining town; how Burra changed from a private mining town to a self governing service centre; and how Burra deals with problems faced by other country towns in a rural recession.

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