Living in the 90s

The Search for Meaning
There was a time when, for many, the church gave the answer. These days there's a smorgasbord of values and beliefs from which to choose - from Buddhism to the New Age. Some of us have found, or rediscovered a spiritual meaning - many more are still searching. JULIE POSETTI reports from the frontline of the New Age movement. Those of us who grew up going to church remember God as a male authority figure to be obeyed - even feared. The New Agers are finding a softer more mystic God - that lives within us as individuals. CHRISTOPHER ZINN explores the beliefs of hard-core environmentalists finding meaning in nature. REBECCA LE TOURNEAU meets three teenage "goths" who are finding meaning in life through a focus and fascination with death. They don't have any time for the church but they do believe in God. Rejecting absolutely the materialism of their parents and peers these young people are searching for a spiritual reality in their day-to-day lives - that includes getting close to death events at morgues and cemeteries. In the 90s teenagers are largely free to decide their beliefs, free from the need to approval from parents or community, but does that make it easier?
Gender Wars
Twenty years of feminism have profoundly changed the social fabric of many countries, including Australia. In the intervening time, many of the inequalities and their tacit acceptance, once confusing to women, have been clarified and brought under regulation: unequal career opportunities, domestic violence, harrassment in the workplace and elsewhere. Now, often, it's the male who's confused, knowing the bounds of behaviour have moved, but unsure where they've been moved to. Phase one might be completed, but is phase two only just beginning?

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