Landline - Water Special

This Landline Special covers issues relating to Drought, Aquaculture and the Murray-Darling Basin, as broadcast over the past 5 years.


Saving the Murray Darling (2007)
There are warnings the Darling River is dying - the victim of ongoing drought and the over-allocation of its water. Farmers, graziers and environmentalists are now mobilising in a last-ditch bid to save the famous waterway.
European Carp Control (2010)
The rain in Eastern Austalia was good news for native fish too, in the Murray-Darling Basin with native fish. The rain will help them, but it's also a boon for their biggest competitor, the European carp.
Professor Roger Stone (2007)
We talk to Professor Roger Stone, director of the Australian Centre for Sustainable Catchments at the University of Southern Queensland, about the Murray Darling water shortage.
Water Allocation (2009)
NSW irrigators who argue Victoria's received preferential treatment have vowed to buck the buy-back scheme, while South Australia won't rule out a High Court challenge over water-trading restrictions.
Water Buyback (2009)
We look at the controversial debate over how Australia uses the water of the Murray Darling, focusing on the contentious buybacks.
Murray-Darling Basin Plan (2010)
Despite the Rudd Government's early pledge to end the blame game over water sharing in the Murray-Darling Basin, one of the country's most fundamental natural resource reforms remains a work in progress.
Conservation v Logging (2010)
In 2010 the red gum forests on the Murray River flood plain were proclaimed as a national park by the NSW Government. Border communities accuse Labor of selling out local timber jobs in a back room deal with the Greens.
Irrigated Agriculture (2010)
The future of the Murray-Darling Basin flicked across the election campaign radar with the Prime Minister saying a Labor Government will buyback water from irrigators in the Murray-Darling and not just cut their allocations to meet environmental targets.
What Water's Worth (2010)
The future of the Murray-Darling Basin is being debated after record rains across much of eastern Australia. With so much water about, fewer farmers might feel the need to sell their permanent water entitlements to the Federal Government.


Mandurah Crabs (2007)
When the WA Government closed a 200km stretch coast around Perth to commercial line and net fishers in 2007, it sparked a battle between the local fishing industry and recreational fishers.
NSW Oysters (2008)
Looks at the Wallace Lakes Oyster industry, and how it overcame a a hepatitis contamination scare in 2008.
Lobster Tale (2008)
Researchers at Tasmania's Southern Rock Lobster Fishery have come up with a novel way of keeping the fisheries stocked up that involves going a little deeper into the red.
Prawn Fishing (2006)
Looks at the restructure of prawn fishing from the Kimberley across to Cape York, to combat cheap imports that threatened to collapse the local industry.
Farmed Fish (2010)
There's a a global search for new sustainable alternatives to popular farmed fish, with promising research being done right here in Australia.
Mullet Fishermen (2009)
Mullet Fisherman claim the growth of marine protected 'no-go' areas is more to do with catching green votes than protecting fish stocks.
Vietnamese Oysters (2010)
Some of Australia's leading aquaculture experts are helping fast track the fledgling oyster industry in Vietnam.
Yabbies (2008)
A recent breakthrough in genetic selection could see yabbies emerge as the focus of a whole new aquaculture industry in their own right.
Commercial Fisheries (2010)
Changes to two NSW marine parks could mean the end of one of the state's most successful commercial fisheries.


Water Disputes Continue (2008)
The Governement says over $13b will be invested to secure water supplies for cities and towns, but it's unlikely to resolve localised disputes over who gets water and how much they pay for it.
Water Conservation Scheme (2007)
At Coleambally in the NSW Riverina, they nearly tripled their general allocation last year because of savings made with new state of the art technology.
Water Footprinting (2009)
Some of the latest research coming out of the CSIRO relates to the science of water footprinting. Scores of regions of the world are using more water than nature can replenish, and companies such as Nestle and Mars worry there will not be enough water to grow the foods we have all come to know and love.
Drier Land Farming (2009)
The Federal Government's water buy-back program has left some irrigators in the lurch, but many have happily sold their water entitlements. Some will stay on the land, others are looking for a future elsewhere.
Adapting to Drought (2010)
Chris Clark takes a look at the work being done to adapt grazing enterprises to the hotter, drier conditions in Southern Australia.
Bourke Battlers (2010)
The fortunes of Bourke in north western New South Wales town have ebbed and flowed over the years. Despite drought-breaking rain, Bourke's future as a centre for irrigated agriculture remains uncertain.

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