Landline - Adapting to a Changing Environment

This special Landline compile looks at how technology and climate change have affected farming practices over the past 5 years.
Dairy Cow DNA Test
Australian dairy farmers have taken the lead in the quest to breed the world's most productive and profitable dairy cows.
Sheep Genome (2007)
The establishment of a genetic database brought a more scientific bent to the process and now researchers are close to mapping the sheep genome.
Cattle Mustering (2008)
More cattle stations are using surveillance equipment and sensors to see how their stock is doing. When you muster a big mob with just one computer mouse there are big savings all round.
Animal Recognition Technology (2008)
A Queensland scientist has come up with a new tool to help farmers and wildlife officers manage animal impact on Australia's vast rangelands.
Banana Paper (2010)
An Adelaide based engineer developed a way of making paper products from banana tree trunks, and now the world's first factory making paper is up and running.
Foot and Mouth (2010)
No country is immune to disease outbreaks in the era of mass air travel expecially foot and mouth, but Australian scientists are commited to become a world leader in terms of foot and mouth disease research.
Cyber Farmers (2010)
We look at farmers and growers who are cutting out the middle-man and marketing to their customers, via the internet.
Animal Viruses (2009)
Handling deadly animal viruses is vital work and Australia has one of the world's leading labs. More and more work is now being done on the links between animal and human health.
Carbon Farming (2008)
While agriculture's carbon footprint will be factored in under international rules in Australia's emission trading scheme, there's growing anxiety that farmers might get lumped with all the costs and fewer benefits of a looming carbon economy.
Climate Risk (2006)
At a conference in Adelaide which focused on climate variability, experts from around Australia and the world claimed climate change is inevitable. We look at what farmers are doing to deal with variations in climate from season to season
Climate Conference (2009)
In 2009, at an international climate conference in Melbourne, climate scientist warned Australian farmers that the fierce winds of climate change will fundamentally alter what they plant and where they farm.
Carbon Economy (2009)
One scientist claims storing carbon in soil it is the key to farming profitably in a carbon economy. Dr Christine Jones has spent her life savings on carbon trials to prove it can be done.
Dairy Farmers (2010)
Many of the country's dairy farmers are already on the front foot in the battle against greenhouse emissions.
Fighting Erosion (2010)
It sounds like agricultural science fiction, a cheap accessible option for lowering methane production that can help remediate land ravaged by erosion and doesn't need much water.
Professor Tim Flannery (2007)
Professor Flannery talks about climate change, water and the intriguing subject of carbon trading.
Carbon Trading USA (2009)
Ten thousand American farmers are already trading agricultural carbon credits through a voluntary exchange set up in 2003. We travel to the US Midwest for this special Landline report.

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