Lake Eyre - Australia's Outback Wonder

This stunning DVD captures a once in a generation event – the flooding of Lake Eyre and the dramatic transformation of the dead heart of Australia. The program follows the floodwaters from north Queensland down the great outback rivers to Lake Eyre and records the amazing cycle of life, as the deserts bloom and birds descend from far and wide to capitalise on the short lived boom.
Seldom has there been such an extensive coverage of one of nature's greatest displays, with water running between the sand dunes of the Simpson Desert; huge bird breeding events; an astonishing show of wildflowers and the surreal images of Lake Eyre as water streams to the lowest point in the continent. The story is told through the eyes of one of Australia's leading environmental scientists, Professor Richard Kingsford and the people who've made their lives in the arid Lake Eyre Basin.

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Production Year: 
57 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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