The Kiwai - Dugong hunters of Daru

The Dugong is a rare and endangered sea animal. Neither seal nor whale, but something like the marine equivalent of a cow, it is central to the lives of the Kiwai, a group of seafarers and fishermen living on the Papua New Guinea coast of Torres Strait.

The Kiwai - Dugong hunters of Daru chronicles the traditional way of life of these people and the way their customs and magic practises intertwine with their beliefs about the animals that is their most important food, as well as the source of their spiritual ancestry. The film also explores the impact of modern methods and newer, imported religious beliefs on the traditional culture.

The film follows the fortunes of two hunters, one equipped with modern technology, the other in the old style sailing canoe, but each drawing on ancient customs in their quest for the sacred prey, and shares the dangers and excitement of the chase and capture.

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Production Year: 
45 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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