Killers in Eden

Tells the story of perhaps the most extraordinary partnership ever forged between humans and wild animals. Locals in the Australian town of Eden claim that beginning in the mid-1800s an intimate and co-operative relationship developed between human whalers and killer whales. The giant prey whales - minke whales, humpbacks, right whales, blue whales - were herded into Twofold Bay by the killer whales. This allowed the shore-based human whalers to close in for the kill. Working together in Eden, man and beast were able to do something neither could have managed on their own; killing the largest whales on earth. The two hunters then shared the spoils through an arrangement known as the 'Law of the Tongue'. Whale enthusiast Greg Mckee who has researched this story for 15 years, joins forces with eminent zoologist Danielle Clode to investigate the intimate details of the relationship. Together, Greg and Danielle reveal not only the fascinating details of how the partnership began, but also why it tragically ended.

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Production Year: 
52 mins
Series Episode
Standard $110
Schools $88

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